Laroque-des-Albères with its ancient castle tower landmark is an old, charming village 6-7 minutes drive down the mountain from Casa Vostra.

Laroque has an impressive selection of restaurants ranging from simple tapas in a cozy wine bar to fine French dining. At the time of writing (September 2013) there are 7 restaurants and 2 pizzarias in Laroque! Please see the map we maintain, which include small descriptions of our favourite restaurants.

In Laroque you'll find all the shops you need for preparing your own food including a grocery shop (Alimentation), two bakeries, a butcher, besides none-food shops and 24h taxi service. Just outside of the village there is even a large supermarked and a few other shops.

Really good and modestly priced local wines can be found in all supermarkets but buying wine from some of the many dedicated shops along the road is more fun. One place you shouldn't miss is Vignerons des Albères in Saint-Génis-des-Fontaines next to Laroque.

Great and inexpensive wine from Vignerons des Albères